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Q:What is
A: is a free image hosting website.

Q: What software would you recommend for uploading web page screenshots?
A: Our recommended tool for uploading web page screenshot is FireShot. For making and uploading desktop screenshots, please stick to Screenshot Studio.

Q: How long will my images stay hosted?
A: As long as they are compliant with our terms of service, they should be stored forever!

Q: Why can't I upload different file types?
A: We feel that GIF, JPG, and PNG are the best image formats for the internet. Other formats are often oversized or obscure.

Q: Will this cost me anything?
A: No! Our free image hosting services are free to use.

Q: How do I delete uploaded image?
A: If you uploaded as a registered user, simple log in to, locate the image from your control panel and delete it. If you uploaded anonymously, please fill in request deletion form.